Canon Character Application Template

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Canon Character Application Template

Post by DM_Ark on Mon 1 May - 9:00

This is the application template for applying to play the role of a canon character of the series. Please copy the application and fill in your information. You may send it via private message to an admin/moderator/DM of your choosing on this forum.

We suggest that you take a look at the Character List Thread before you make your application. You are expected to know a good bit about this character you are applying for.

Canon Character Application:

Discord Handle: (What your discord username is. Please add the full name. Example: "DM_Ark#5681" That is fake, but used for the purpose of format explanation.)

Age: (We prefer members to be at least 16+ please note that the themes in the roleplay may be graphic in violence, drugs, war, language, etc. You need to be comfortable with these.)

Timezone: (This lets us know what times you'll be on. Feel free to add which days/specific times you'll be most active. We dont require people to be from US, EU, etc. We hope to have a decent balance of people around the world. But please note there will be activity checks for admins, as well as canon character players. You are expected to have a good presence. (More than 2 posts per week). )

Anything you'd like us to know about you?: (We'd like to get to know you better! Let us know what things/hobbies you like, what other fandoms you're in, etc.)


How long have you been roleplaying?:

Have you roleplayed as the character you are applying for before? Have you played as canon-character in any RPs?:

Roleplay Post Sample: (At least one good paragraph, but more if you like. Please note, grammar and punctuation is something we will be taking into account. We don't expect -anyone- to be mistake free, but please show effort. Type in a 'writing' format, as if you were writing a page in a book. Use quotations for dialogue.)


Name of character you're applying as: (You can apply for more than one, if you like, but you can only play one canon, and one original character. You cannot play two original characters, or two canon characters. This is to keep balance.)

Why should we assign this character to you?: (Major points could include any canon previous characters you've had experience with in past RPs, how long you've been roleplaying, RP skill, etc. These may have been answered in the above, but try to give us at least one good reason to assign the character to you, as others may be trying to get the role as well and we need to be fair in our selection. Its good to have several characters you want to apply for, in case you don't get your first pick.)

Please respond to the appropriate prompt in character with the characters you are applying for. Make sure to state clearly which character you are writing the response to the prompt for. Use your own discretion whether or not the canon character you are applying for is a major or minor character:

Major characters: What traits do you find attractive or intriguing in another person? (Para format. ≥100 words.)

Minor Characters: (supporting characters) Describe something you enjoy doing and why you enjoy it. (Para format. ≥100 words.)


Thank you for applying! If you do not receive a response to your private message after one week, please poke one of the admins in the #ooc_help_room channel on discord and we will try to get you squared away as soon as possible.

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