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Canon Character List

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If you are interested in playing one of these characters, fill out a Canon Character Application and send it to an admin/dm through private message on this forum. If you do not receive a reply within 1 week of sending it, use the #ooc_help_room and ask us if we got it.

Some canon characters are expected to die through out the roleplay, depending on what they do, how 'big' of a role they have in the roleplay, etc. Characters in Mt. Weather may eventually be killed, due to what they are doing. They are considered villains (at least some) and some of the others, unless they are cured of radiation sickness through the bone marrow procedure by Dr. Tsing, they will eventually die to to being unable to withstand the radiation outside Mt. Weather's Facility. Once Mt. Weather is taken down, there will be no more ways to play a Mountain Men character. If you want your character to survive the fallout of this, you need to get the bone marrow from an Arker character or Arker NPC. Ask DM's in the #ooc_requests channel for NPCs.

A.L.I.E.'s Cult will be around until she becomes a threat, and will eventually need to be dealt with. Characters that have her mind-control have a chance of dying, due to how cruel and strong A.L.I.E's control is. Characters will need to find out a way to stop her before it gets too bad. It doesn't have to be as the show did it, but if there is no other way, players can use the show as inspiration for their decisions. Character deaths, Canon or Original, will not be enforced by DMs unless completely necessary. You will have chances to escape it, but at times there must be consequences for actions, or inaction. Questions or concerns on this, please ask in the #ooc_help_channel. Overall, you the players shape where the directions of this world and where the characters go. Main Characters such as Bellamy and Clarke may be more apt to avoid death, due to their importance of the story.

Character List

References on the Characters/Pictures/Dossiers

(Daughter to Abigail and Jake Griffin) Clarke Griffin (Main)/Active:

(Brother to Octavia Blake) Bellamy Blake (Main)/Active:

(Sister to Bellamy Blake) Octavia Blake (Main)/Active:

(Son to Hannah Green/Best Friend to Jasper Jordan) Monty Green (Main)/Active:

(Best Friend to Monty Green) Jasper Jordan (Main)/Active:

(Engineer/Mechanic) Raven Reyes (Main)/Active:

John Murphy (Main)/Active:

Finn Collins (Main)/Active:

(Son of Thelonious Jaha) Wells Jaha (Main)/Active:

(Chancellor/Head Doctor) Abigail Griffin (Main)/Active:

(Ex-Chancellor) Thelonious Jaha (Main)/Active:

(Councilman) Marcus Kane (Main)/Active:

(Officer on the Ark) Callie "Cece" Cartwig (Minor)/Presumed Dead/Active?:

(Prince of Ice Nation Grounders) Roan of Azgeda (Main)/Active:

Nathan Miller (Main)/Active:

Harper Mcintyre (Main)/Active:

Zoe Monroe (Main)/Active:

Fox (Minor)/Active:

Sterling (Minor)/Active:

Atom (Minor)/Active:

Roma Bragg (Minor)/Active:

Charlotte (Minor)/Active:

Myles (Minor)/Active:

Eric Jackson (Main)/Active:

(Sergeant on the Ark) David Miller (Main)/Active:

(Engineer) Jacapo Sinclair (Main)/Active:

Gina Martin (Main)/Active:

(Engineer) Kyle Wick (Main)/Active:

(Major) Byrne (Main)/Active:

Bryan Eng (Main)/Active:

(Earth Skills Teacher/Leader of Farm Station Survivors) Charles Pike (Main)/Active:

(Mother to Monty Green) Hannah Green (Main)/Active:

(Ex-Chancellor) Diana Sydney (Main)/Active:

(Commander) Shumway (Main)/Active:

(Father to Clarke Griffin/Husband to Abigail Griffin) Jake Griffin (Minor)/Deceased:

Indra of Trikru (Main)/Active:

Nyko of Trikru (Main)/Active:

(Trading Post Worker) Niylah of Trikru (Main)/Active:

Lincoln (Main)/Active:

(Nightblood) Lexa of Trikru (Main)/Active:

(Mentor to Lexa/Leader of Trikru in Tondc) Anya of Trikru (Main)/Active:

Gustus (Main)/Active:

(Flamekeeper) Titus (Main)/Active:

(General) Tristan of Trikru (Main)/Active:

Artigas of Trikru (Main)/Active:

(Ex-Love of Lexa) Costia of Trikru (Main)/Deceased:

(Mother to Bellamy and Octavia Blake) Aurora Blake (Minor)/Deceased:

Echo of Azgeda (Main)/Active:

(Queen) Nia of Azgeda (Main)/Active:

(Nightblood) Ontari of Azgeda (Main)/Active:

Atohl (Minor)/Active:

(Leader of Boat People/Nightblood) Luna of Floukru (Main)/Active:

(Storyteller of Boat People) Shay of Floukru (Main)/Active:

(Luna's Love Interest) Derrick of Floukru (Main)/Active:

(Nomadic Grounder/Sister to Otan) Emori (Main)/Active:

(Nomadic Grounder/Wife to Osias/Mother to Zoran) Sienne (Minor)/Active:

(Nomadic Grounder/Son to Osias and Sienne/Mutated) Zoran (Minor)/Active):

(Nomadic Grounder/Husband to Sienne/Father to Zoran) Osias (Minor)/Active:

(President of Mt. Weather Mountain Men) Dante Wallace (Main)/Active:

(Head Security in Mt. Weather/Dante's Son/Head of Cerberus Project) Cage Wallace (Main)/Active:

(Main Doctor at Mt. Weather/Head of Harvest Project) Dr. Lorelei Tsing (Main)/Active:

(Lieutenant to President Dante in Mt. Weather) Carl Emerson (Main)/Active:

(Worker in Mt. Weather for Sanitation and Decontamination) Maya Vie (Main)/Active:

(Maya's Father) Vincent Vie (Minor)/Active:

(A.I. Hologram/Leader of A.L.I.E.'s Cult/Can only seen by people who have taken the cybernetic implant chip through mouth) A.L.I.E. (Main)/Active:

(Mutated Grounder/A.L.I.E.'s Cult Member) Gideon (Minor)/Active:

(A.L.I.E's Cult Member) Otan (Minor)/Active:
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