Admin/DM Application Template

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Admin/DM Application Template

Post by DM_Ark on Mon 1 May - 19:50

Please copy this template and send it to one of the current admin/DMs via private message on the forum. If you do not receive a reply within 1 week, please post a message in the #ooc_help_room and we will try to get things sorted for you.

We are looking for people who are experienced RPers and storytellers--people who want to try moving the story along and keep it interesting with events and plots, but there are other qualities that are as important for DMing and admininstrative/moderator work. You need to be fair and rational, active, willing to play multiple canon roles at almost any time, and be able to take quite a bit of flak at times without flying off the handle. The admin have to be cop, jury, judge, customer service representative too. You are to set an example for our members. If you are accepted, and found abusing your powers, or not following our rules/causing drama, you will be demoted instantly, and lose all privileges of an admin. Whatever RP that had been done with your canons, will be taken over by a player application, or another DM.

Note: if you are turned down, do not take it personally, please. There can be many different reasons, and these reasons may vary. For instance, you may be turned down because there are enough DMs/Admins, or because we need certain strengths in a DM/Admin at the time. Current Administration will look at the overall situation.

Also you can usually re-apply later when it's been a good amount of time between your last 'send-in' (about 1-2 months.)

As an admin, you can play any canon character at any time, or if a player requests roleplay with that character. Admins/DMs still have the option of claiming 1 canon character they will be devoted to (with an application. Even though you are an admin, if you devote yourself to a canon character, you need to send in a canon character application to another DM/Admin), along with 1 Original Character if they so choose. The only difference is that an admin can take the role of an unclaimed canon character/groups of NPCs (villagers, a monster, etc.) when someone needs them, or when they are needed for a plot. If a player has claimed the canon character you need for a plot, discuss times or what you want to do with the character with the player that has claimed it--allow the player to play their part, but you can oversee it.

Admin/DM Application Template

General Information

Discord Handle: (Example: DM_Ark#5681)
Original Character/Canon Character played:
Time Zone:
Times you are most active:


Why do you wish to be an administrator?:

Do you have any similar experience in administrative roles or tasks?:

What experience have you had 'DMing' (feel free to include anything you feel is relevant):

Where do you think your strengths will be as a DM/Administrator?:

Where do you think you'll need to improve as a DM/Administrator?:



Do you have any server friends on the discord roleplay group that would recommend you? (Not required):

Any Other Information:

As a note: Not having experience does *not* disqualify you from being a DM or Admin, not at all. It's just useful to know if you have or haven't.

What we expect from DM/Administrator:

- Most of all, putting the discord server/its roleplay quality and its players first.

- Courtesy and being part of the team; an instinct for helping the players of the discord group when needed.

- Being able to take constructive criticism and being able to handle players who may be unhappy or unruly.

- Being genuinely constructive and resilient (you get a lot of criticism as a DM; some can be learned from, others is less helpful or reasonable). We will need to know that you can cope with stressful duties, admin team and players without resorting to general bitching or drama.

- Following our policies and rules set on the discord group.

- Quality RP. (Good grammar, punctuation, understanding of the setting, etc.)
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