Travis Kidd

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Travis Kidd

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Full Name: Travis Kidd

Age: 20

Birth: ???

Height: 5'2" (Short)

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown, Messy

Eyes: Blue (light blue)

Occupation: Has no real occupation. Has aspirations to be a mechanic or engineer. A bit of a thief, though.

Parents: They were both floated. Kieth and Nora Kidd.

Siblings: None.

Heritage: Caucasian

Faction: Arkers

Religion: Agnostic

Orientation: Homosexual

Hobbies: Making explosives, knives, playing with firearms, stealing.

Likes: Candy bars, electronics, fantasy folk lore, drawing, weed, various other things.

Dislikes: People who call him 'Kid' because of his last name, the Council, people trying to protect him all the time, being called short, and others things.

Strengths: Speed (from his short stature), ability to fit into small spaces, having a knack for putting things together if given time and patience, somewhat manipulative, some other things.

Weaknesses: Afraid of the dark, being alone, unfamiliar territory. Short and weak, so he doesn't look imposing.

Personality: He's generally a loner, but secretly enjoys the company of other people. He doesn't like to admit this though. He guards his emotions a bit so that he isn't viewed as weak or scared. Once his fears come into play, he often runs to people he considers companions. People need to be patient with him, and he will open up. His parents were close to him, so its a subject that he doesn't often talk about. He doesn't have a strong positive view of the council and their way of going about things. There is more to his personality, but you'll need to find out in RP.

Short Character Background: Travis Kidd was born on the Ark, and spent most of his days with his mother and father. He was reclusive to most of the people on the Ark, not very open to people. He had a knack for building things, sometimes got in trouble for getting into drugs, etc. One day he was caught stealing a piece of candy without paying for it, and ran--they chased him down/trying to hold him down and were going to float him, but his parents intervened, getting in a fight with the guard, and eventually Travis was let go, but his parents were to be floated for his crime, and assaulting a guard. Travis begged the Council not to, but they had been stern on the matter. Young Travis kept his life, all but for a silly candy bar, his parents were gone. He hates himself for this, and it adds to his depression. He hated the Council killing everyone for such minor crimes. They did need the oxygen, but why not float some of the Council instead of people trying to live honest lives? What makes them so 'above' the rest of them?

When the Ark went down to Earth with the Council, he followed. He thought perhaps, he could go off alone and live his own life in the wilderness of this new land he had never seen. But that, would be much easier thought than done. The post-apocalyptic earth was inhabited, and certainly not a place for a wandering young man, he will soon find out.

Wants: Friends, A boyfriend, to be treated like he's not a dumb kid, somewhere to live away from the Council's reach.

Problems/Fears: Depression, Anxiety, fear of people (what they will do), fear of being left alone, etc.
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